Golden Pint

It’s only July, but the beer of 2013 has arrived.

I give you: Ticketybrew Pale Ale, on draught.

Ticketybrew are a new brewery with a brand image that’s best described as ‘elaborate’. (And expensive, and frankly a bit pretentious, but very well executed.) As far as I know, they brew two beers – the Pale and a Dubbel – and, as far as I knew up to this evening, they brewed them for bottling only. I’d had the Dubbel and found it nice enough for the last beer of the evening; sweet-ish, complex-ish, aromatic-ish, generally “close but no Trappist”. I hadn’t had the Pale – and besides, there was the curiosity factor of seeing it on hand pump. So I ordered it.

It was superb. It reminded me of the old cask version of 5 a.m. Saint, but bettered it. The aromatic wallop of a good contemporary pale ale runs head-on into the soft herbal richness of a Tripel, and they dance. There’s some sweetness there, but it’s low down in the mix – to put it another way, it’s an integral part of a gloriously complex flavour profile. This is, simply, the best-tasting beer I have had in years.

Seen at: Font, Chorlton. A bit over-priced at £3.80, but a CAMRA card would take that down to £2.85, which would be pretty much the bargain of the year. Get in (although not until I’ve had a chance to get back there).

(I’ll be interested to hear what anyone else thinks. Maybe I was just really ready for a pint…)

Update 25/7 Had it again last night, three days later. My first impression both times was sourness; that sour note was a bit more persistent this time, and I didn’t notice any sweetness. I guess the beer was just that bit fresher on Sunday. Still a big, complex flavour – one of those flavours that seem to open out as you get further down the glass, like walking into a dark room and gradually realising it’s much bigger than you thought. (I’d advise getting a pint rather than a half for just this reason.) Hand on heart, I’m not sure Wednesday’s pint quite scaled the heights of Sunday’s, but it was still a huge beer. Recommended.



  1. Posted 21 July, 2013 at 9:29 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Ah, a magic pint. One of the wonders of cask beer, but a rare occurrence so a moment to be treasured.

  2. geordiemanc
    Posted 21 July, 2013 at 10:01 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Bugger. Turned the wrong way out of Beagle (on the daughter’s suggestion).
    Will be there tomorrow
    (It is really good in bottle)

  3. Rob
    Posted 16 August, 2013 at 10:11 pm | Permalink | Reply

    It is a joy, a sheer joy, to behold and neck…

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