Good companions

Testing, testing. Is this thing on? Right, gotcha. Er. Here we are then.

This blog used to be a personal note-pad, a place to keep my tasting notes. I turned it into a blog proper in August and started investigating the rest of the beer blogosphere. It launched without any sort of announcement or mission statement; in fact it didn’t so much launch as emerge. Here’s my hit counter since the beginning of the month:

1/9: 1
2/9: 0
3/9: 0
4/9: 0
5/9: 5
6/9: 5
7/9: 7
8/9: 12
9/9: 7
10/9: 3
11/9: 1
12/9: 1
13/9: 6
14/9: 13
15/9: 16
16/9: 95

Spot the difference.

So greetings to everyone who’s just joined, particularly my many visitors from Zak Avery’s fine blog. The tasting notes are still here, if you’re interested; see the links at the top left, under ‘Pages’. Apart from that, what you see is pretty much what you get – pub reviews, beer reviews, thoughts sparked off by the Curmudgeon or Martyn or Tandleman, grumbles about beer pricing (you haven’t done that one yet – Ed.), attempts to pinpoint just what is wrong with BrewDog (or that one)… whatever takes my fancy, really, as long as it’s got beer in it somewhere. (While I’m in linkage mode, I use and endorse All About Beer and Pubs Galore. Accept no substitute, unless it’s even better.)

Love: old ale, porter, dark bitter; Conwy, Hornbeam, Dunham Massey, Marble. (Yes, one of those breweries is not like the others, but I love ’em anyway.)
Hate: hop-monsters, and in particular bars offering a choice of three hop-monsters and nothing else. (Unless they’re the Marble Beerhouse, in which case I’d have a Ginger and shut up.)
My other blog is here, and covers my work, politics, music, books and basically everything else I’m interested in that isn’t beer.

I’m glad you’ve looked in, and hope you will be too. Share and enjoy!

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