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Review: Howard Town

Howard Town are currently sponsoring the “Your Taste” reader-submitted restaurant review feature in the Manchester Evening News. And so it was that a write-up of the Nawaab in Levenshulme led to the delivery of twelve (count ’em) bottles of beer. Reviewing the beer seemed like the least I could do. (And if anyone from the Nawaab is reading this… No? Suit yourselves.)

Pale, hoppy, with one of those long, smooth, straw-and-smoke flavours.

Dark Peak
Would have got a review any day of the week, freebies or no freebies. A terrific beer: a rum porter, and an absolute classic of the style.

Dinting Arches
Malty and fruity; one of those apple-tasting beers.

Longdendale Lights
Dry, with a sour edge. Lots of yeast in there.

Mill Town
A fruity, malty mild; dark but light, if you see what I mean. Very drinkable.

Snake Ale
A lighter version of Dinting Arches, a bit sourer and more hoppy.