Boggart Micro Bar, Arndale Market, Manchester

The Boggart Micro Bar replaced the Paradise Brewery Bar, of which the best I can say is that I really wanted to like it. I mean, a changing roster of ales from the cask, right in the middle of the Arndale’s revitalised hot food market; what, as they say, is not to like? The condition of the beer, is what. I had four or five beers from the Paradise bar; one of them was OK, one was quite enjoyable in a “pretend it’s meant to taste like that” sort of way, but all the others were far more sour than anything out of a handpump ought to be. After one particularly bad experience – I gave one beer back and had it replaced by a different beer in equally bad nick – I removed their beers from the Bitter list and, reluctantly, crossed the bar itself off my visiting list. I subsequently returned once more and bought two bottled beers, which were both in date but were also both sour – one to the point of being undrinkable.

The next time I passed the bar it had closed. I found it hard to mourn its passing. The next time after that, the Boggart micro-bar was open for business, serving two Boggart ales (including the excellent Rum Porter) and two guests (including the Brewdog bitter named after the Radiohead song), as well as Broadoak Moonshine and some lager or other. The Brewdog was a bit rough round the edges, but the Boggart porter was a fine beer in excellent condition. Perhaps Boggart can succeed where the Paradise failed – let’s hope so. (Update July 2010 – I’ve since been back several times and never had a bad beer. Good luck to them.)

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